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DGuSV - The German Association of Professional Experts

The German Association of Professional Experts (DGuSV, which is short for Deutscher Gutachter und Sachverständigen Verband e.V.) is an internationally recognized association for professional experts of various specializations.

No other organization brings together state certified, publicly appointed and sworn experts like our association. We welcome independent and generally recognized experts, qualified consultants, surveyors, medical examiners, assessors, accident investigators, technical experts, evaluators, referees and many other specialists, whether they work on their own or as part of a larger company. The DGuSV serves as an advocacy group for all professional experts.

We represent our members´ interests in German-speaking countries as well as on the international level. We are their voice around the world. This is just one of the reasons why the DGuSV is among the largest associations for professional experts in the German-speaking region.

The DGuSV is the first point of contact for professional experts in all fields.

Opinions of our members
  • Dipl.-Ing. Justus Breinlinger
    Gutachter für Gebäude...
    The DGuSV is a strong partner. My success rises and I can optimally represent and generate new jobs.
  • Bernd Meier
    DGuSV-zertifizierter Sachverständiger für Bauschäden
    Through my international DGuSV certification increase my reputation as an expert and trust in customer page increases significantly.
  • Dr. Armin W. Wuth
    Gutachter für Unternehmens- analysen...
    I am a proud member of the DGuSV. Professional handling. To concerns always take care of personal and competent contact.
  • Klaus Dernedde PhD
    Sachverständiger für Betriebliche Altersversorgung
    As a certified DGuSV member I get a recognition beyond compare. This experience I make again and again.
  • Günter Wagner
    DGuSV-geprüfter Sachverständiger

    New orders? With pleasure. But how? Here DGuSV has helped me with its e-books and tips on marketing and Co. effectively.
  • Thomas Kehle
    Sachverständiger für Bauschadensfälle

    Fascinating, what can be done with online advertising. For many years I am a DGuSV member about´m very grateful.
  • Markus Schultheiss
    Gutachter (Medizin)

    The official ICEM Seal has repeatedly interpreted the decision of customers in my favor - a great performance in front of third parties.
  • Volker G. Nesselberger
    Sachverständiger für Waffen...

    Impressive, is as respected here very appropriate qualifications. The bar is high. OK then.
  • Dipl. Betriebswirt / MBA Laurents Barg
    Unternehmens- bewertung
    The service and support of DGuSV is unique and always personal. Thank you for your cooperation.



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