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Who is eligible to join the DGuSV?

We do not differentiate between our members, whether they pursue their expert profession on a full-time or part-time basis. We also accept people from non-traditional backgrounds and corporate members. No professional field or area of expertise is excluded. Our membership is open to experts in the fields of:

  • automotive
  • construction and real estate
  • financial services
  • nutrition
  • medicine
  • and many others fields that are included in the 1,800 areas of expertise we represent

What benefits do we offer our members? A DGuSV membership helps establish your professionalism with new clients and helps you carry out your daily work. Alternatively, you may join the DGuSV as a corporate or international member. These membership options are considered promotional, which means an evaluation of professional qualifications is not required. In this case, your DGuSV Certificate will list your company name and field of expertise.

Please note: No one is entitled to membership. All applications must be approved by a special committee consisting of the DGuSV Board of Directors and our review board.

Our partners

We collaborate with various partners, incl.:

    European Economic Interest Grouping of Experts
  • EU/CE
    European Institute of Certificated and Qualified Experts
  • GEIE
    Groupements Européens d´Intérnet Économique
  • EEG
    European Experts Group Ltd. United Kingdom
  • IQAC
    Institute of Quality Assurance and Certification
  • BDF
    Bundesverband Deutscher Finanzberater e.V. (Federal Association of German Financial Advisors)
  • IEO
    International Experts Organization

The German Association of Professional Experts is registered in the EU Transparency Register as a lobbying group representing the interests of professional experts.

The DGuSV is listed in the public register of associations maintained by the German Bundestag.

Membership fees and registration

Cost for the first year (year of registration)

New DGuSV members must pay a one-time registration fee of EUR 140.00. This registration fee is the same for all membership options. In addition, there is an annual fee that becomes due at the same time. The annual fee for an international membership is EUR 228.00. This annual fee is prorated for the first year to ensure that you only pay for the time during which you can take advantage of our services.

DGuSV membership term

Your DGuSV membership expires at the end of each calendar year (December 31). If you wish to terminate your membership, we must receive your cancellation notice by the end of the current year.

Registration: step by step

Note: All international members, whether they are individuals or legal entities, are considered promotional members. Your DGuSV Certificate will list your name/company title and field of expertise.

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