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Why join the DGuSV?

Our members come from more than 20 countries around the globe. Place yourself ahead of the competition and become an international member of the German Association of Professional Experts (DGuSV), one of the few professional organizations for experts around the world. We provide information about news, developments and trends in the various fields of expertise occupied by our members in Germany, Europe and around the globe. Corporate membership in the DGuSV is open to individuals as well as companies.

As an international member of the DGuSV, you will be considered a promotional member, no matter whether you are an individual person, a sole proprietorship or a big company. This type of membership is designed for DGuSV supporters who want to promote a membership in the DGuSV beyond the boundaries of Germany. International DGuSV members receive an official membership certificate. This personalized certificate shows the name of the person or company, along with the address and field of expertise. Our seal certifies the authenticity of the document (authorized version).

Your special advantage: This certificate is already included in your international membership fee, so there are no additional costs. This is possible thanks to our partnerships with the European Economic Interest Grouping of Experts, the EU/CE - European Institute of Certificated and Qualified Experts, and the European Experts Group Ltd.

Special features of the prestigious ICEM Certificate issued by the DGuSV:

Membership Certificate (ICEM Certification)

Benefits of a DGuSV international membership (ICEM):

An international membership brings many advantages for professional experts around the world (International Certified Expert Members or ICEM):

  • Creation of uniform training and examination standards for professional experts on an international level.
  • As one of the largest expert groups in Germany with members in more than 60 countries, the DGuSV has managed to build a solid reputation around the world.
  • Direct access to a global network of experts.
  • The DGuSV is one of the few professional associations that truly operate on an international level.
  • Through the exchange of experience, knowledge, information and business opportunities, we improve the quality and competitive advantage of professional experts, both locally and internationally.
  • Our members always receive our official DGuSV seal for the current year, which they may use to establish their professionalism and showcase their membership in a powerful international expert network.
  • The DGuSV unites experts from around the world with diverse professional backgrounds.
  • More than 1,800 areas of expertise, incl. construction, real estate, automotive, finance, and many more.
  • We promote the cultural and educational exchange between experts from different countries.
  • Prestigious DGuSV Certificate, issued in English for international use.
  • Use of the DGuSV certification seal: ICEM (International Certified Expert Member).
  • With its international website, the DGuSV offers its members various communication channels and opportunities for professional exchange.
  • All DGuSV international members are considered promotional members and will be listed in the international member directory of the DGuSV.
  • As promotional members, DGuSV corporate members and international members are not required to submit supporting documents. Only the official application is required to join as a promotional member. The DGuSV Certificate serves as proof of membership.

Additional information about the DGuSV international membership

Cost for the first year (year of registration)

New DGuSV members must pay a one-time registration fee of EUR 140.00. This registration fee is the same for all membership options. In addition, there is an annual fee that becomes due at the same time. The annual fee for an international membership is EUR 228.00. This annual fee is prorated for the first year to ensure that you only pay for the time during which you can take advantage of our services.

DGuSV international membership term

Your DGuSV international membership expires at the end of each calendar year (December 31). If you wish to terminate your membership, we must receive your cancellation notice by the end of the current year.

Important: The application to become an international member (International Certified Expert Member) with the German Association of Professional Experts, as well as all payments, must be submitted to the umbrella organization of the DGuSV in Germany.

DGuSV - The German Association of Professional Experts

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