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The DGuSV: Who we are and what we offer

The DGuSV (German Association of Professional Experts) is among the largest professional associations for experts of all fields in the German-speaking region and serves as a leader in the industry.

The DGuSV is registered as a professional organization in the register of associations of the state of Saxony, Germany. It is also listed in the public register of associations maintained by the German Bundestag (page 712, no. 892). This list constitutes a record of associations that pursue lobbying efforts in the German government. As one of the few expert associations (lobbying organization) in Europe, the DGuSV is also included in the EU Transparency Register, reference no. 01521746141-49.

Creating a positive image of the expert profession benefits all our members. Our association works with external media channels to achieve this goal. Many associations fail to devote time and energy to public relations efforts. We place emphasis on active PR work and strive to promote the reputation of professional experts. To this end, we cooperate with press associations around the world.

What are we doing to achieve these goals? In cooperation with our partner organizations, we offer numerous continuing professional development options. Our magazine proXPERTS, the official publication of the DGuSV, provides valuable information for professional experts in all fields. We also have our own online shop, where experts find tools and resources for their daily work. There is a discount for DGuSV members. In addition, our Internet portals such as the Deutsche Gutachterauskunft (German Experts Information Service) help you find customers and serve as online job brokers. We offer the right platform for anyone looking for a professional expert.

The DGuSV provides various services for individuals and companies operating internationally:

Additional benefits for German-speaking experts

We welcome professional experts from all fields

The DGuSV is an independent association that operates internationally, representing the interests of professional experts in all specializations. Membership is not dependent on full-time work in the field, and it doesn´t matter whether you live in Germany or another country: Everyone is welcome in the DGuSV!

DGuSV membership criteria: Protection for independent experts and their clients

We believe in the importance of maintaining professionalism within the expert trade in Germany, Europe, and around the globe. For that reason, the DGuSV has strict membership criteria to ensure that a high standard of quality is upheld. In accordance with the bylaws of our association, we can only admit people with substantial training in their field of expertise as well as an appropriate level of practical experience. This ensures that the title "DGuSV-Certified Expert" will always be a sign of quality.

Applying for membership

Once you submit your membership application, which lists the costs and fees for a DGuSV membership, it will be reviewed by our Board of Directors. If all required criteria are met, you will be added to our membership database, which comprises more than 1,800 areas of expertise.

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